Landscape Construction and Maintenance in Sydney

For all your landscape construction and maintenance needs in Sydney, the team at True Form Landscape Architecture are here to help.

The Landscape maintenance and construction Process

True Form Landscape Architecture provides a full landscape and garden design and construction service. Our landscape architects work with you starting with initial concept drawings and ending with handover of a completely transformed garden. We also offer a landscape maintenance service to keep your Sydney garden looking its very best.

We find it’s best to work with you from the beginning to the very end of your landscape design project, as this allows the full vision of the design to be brought to life. However, we can customise our service to suit your specific garden design project.

1. Consultation

We begin the process with a free onsite consultation, this can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours. The landscape designers will discuss with you the general needs and wants of your garden as well as your landscape design ideas and preferred styles and aesthetics.

2. Design Brief and Fee Proposal

Following the consultation, we will come back to you with a design brief, outlining our understanding of your wants for your landscape design, as well as a fixed quote for a concept design. We can also provide you with quotes for council plans in this stage. We can complete full council applications for you from Complying Development Certificates through to Development Applications (DA).

3. Concept Design

Our architects begin the concept design stage on site, where we take detailed site and measurements. We then create digital 2D and 3D plans of your garden design. This also includes a planting palette and a materials palette and an estimate of documentation costs. We only accept payment for this stage when our client is 100% happy with the design. Have a look at a concept plan.

4. Documentation

Following your design sign off the architecture team create a full documentation listing of the elements of the project. This covers all details of the garden design right down to the fine final details such as a planting schedule and a lighting plan. In this stage, we also provide a fully itemised landscape construction quote for the garden design. Here is an example documentation.

5. Landscape Construction

Once we have council approval and your sign off on the documentation, we begin with landscape construction for your Sydney garden. Your designer will be there regularly on site and will clearly communicate progress updates throughout the entire construction process.

6. Project Handover

Once the construction is completed we provide you with detailed information on how to best care for your new garden design.

7. Landscape Maintenance

We also offer a garden and landscape maintenance service in Sydney. Our maintenance services include pruning, fertilizing, pest control, trimming, mowing, weeding and planting. We work with you to create a maintenance schedule that suits your budget and garden requirements to keep your garden looking its very best. 

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