Things You Need to Know Before Hiring a Landscape Architect

Before hiring a landscape architect firstly determine if a landscape architect is required for the services you need. Landscape architects are university qualified and their study covers plant materials, grading, sketching, computer-aided drawing and more.

There are also may other things you need to know before hiring a landscape architect as outlined below:

Do I Need a Landscape Architect?

Before obtaining quotes and information, determine whether you need a landscape architect, a landscape designer or a lawn care specialist.

A landscape architect plans, manages and designs the implantation of your landscaping. They blend artistic and technical abilities to improve your entire outdoor area.

A lawn care specialist works predominately in horticulture and is licensed in pesticide and herbicide usage.

A landscape designer has generally learned garden design by experience.

How Much Maintenance Will be Required?

Find out from the landscape architect how much maintenance will be required on your outdoor area once the project is completed.


Ask if your preferred style of garden suits the architecture of your home. Determine if this level of maintenance suits you, and whether you will complete it yourself or hire Sydney landscapers.

Do They Have References?

When hiring a landscape architect, ensure that they have quality references. If you have word of mouth references that is ideal. Otherwise, sites like and the landscape architect’s business website are a good place to start.

What are the Fees?

Always obtain quotations when hiring a landscape architect. If the fee is an hourly rate, obtain an estimate for the total cost involved. Obtain several quotes and compare fees.


Ensure that your landscape architect is friendly, and communicates well. Their ability to explain clearly to you the steps that are being completed is important, as well as good listening skills. You will also have to relate well to them as you will be spending considerable time with them.

When hiring a landscape architect ask a series of questions to find a landscape architect to suit your needs. True Form Landscapes are a quality Landscape Architect Sydney area, and can help you with all of your landscaping goals.