Characteristics of a Great Landscape Architect

Landscape architects create art and mix it with science and technology to provide the perfect living space which is comfortable, beautiful and purposeful. A great landscape architect will also have good people skills, lots of experience and a host of technical knowledge.

They Are Innovative

Sydney Landscape architects and Sydney landscapers, as well as other Australian architects, are first and foremost innovative. They are constantly learning and studying, and working to find new advanced methods of landscape architecture. They are always discovering new developments and are leaders in new and original design.

The Environment is Considered

A great landscape architect considers the environment when creating new designs and plans. The environmental footprint is taken into account with every new venture. Landscape architects, more than any other architects or designers, have a responsibility to be eco-friendly and re-use and recycle materials wherever possible.

They Work Hard

Your landscape architect Sydney area, works hard and long hours in various types of weather. The Australian climate can be harsh, with extreme heat, bitter cold or rainy conditions common.  Sydney landscapers are accustomed to working outdoors and their main focus is on the project at hand. They have great attention to detail and will often put in excess of 40 hours per week on a project.

Exceptionally Creative

Art and innovation are combined in landscape architecture. Landscape architects create modern and purposeful living spaces using not only their creativity but the latest design techniques. They are terrific with computers and technology.

When planning landscape design Sydney top architects communicate well, plan in advance, and are there to answer any questions that you may have.

A great landscape architect needs to be forward thinking, innovative, and be overflowing with creativity. They are very artistic, while at the same time being technical. They must be great with people and have high attention to detail.