3 Decorative Items You Can Use to Create a Warm and Natural Feeling Space

There are many decorative items that you can use to create a warm and natural feeling space in your outdoor area. At True Landscapes, Landscape Architect Sydney area, we see and implement many fantastic and inventive uses of décor in gardens and patios.

Here are three ideas:  

1.               An Outdoor Umbrella

An outdoor umbrella will not only protect you from the sun, it looks restful and inviting.  Place it over your existing outdoor setting, or add some stools and a small table. This looks great in white or in neutral colours, and also in a bright red or orange shade.

2.               Fire Pit

A fire pit is an excellent feature that you can easily add to your outdoor area. They are great to sit around at all times of the year, but particularly at night with family and friends.  Fire pits have a cover so that there is no danger of children falling in, or of flames spreading to your garden.

3.               A Day Bed

Day beds provide is a cozy spot where you can relax with a book, take a nap, or chat with family and friends. Day beds look comfortable, warm and inviting and can be styled with various cushions and throws. Natural earthy tones look great, or for a different look use some brightly coloured cushions. You may wish to change these around, and could even have different shades for the weekend. Hang up some glass lanterns above the day bed for a festive look.

There are many items that you can use to decorate your garden. Every outdoor space, no matter the size or shape has the potential to provide an area for entertaining and enjoyment. A few small toucheswill modernise your outdoor area, add to your existing theme, and make for a warm and relaxed atmosphere. As Sydney Landscapers we have a wealth of knowledge to help design and recreate your outdoor area. Contact us for further information.