What’s on trend for this year's landscape design?

Whether you are looking at landscaping your home or you require a contractor for city planning, it’s always good to look at landscape architecture in Sydney for some inspiration. As landscape architect in Sydney based professionals, we understand the latest trends for landscape design.

When something is a “trend” many think it’s just a passing fad, but in terms of landscaping, it is something that is more solid, and involves more evolution and development rather than a craze. 

Here are some key trends for the year ahead when it comes to landscaping. 

3D modelling

Although 3D modelling has been around for decades, there has been development in this space, particularly in the types of programs that have been created. Also, 3D printers are fast becoming popular, and a key trend to take notice of when it comes to landscape designing processes. 

Inner city trends

Landscape architecture in Sydney can be seen through its trends in inner city design.  It takes into the account different pockets, street designs and other places surrounding the area, such as parks. As a landscape architect in Sydney, it’s also important that us at True Form Landscape take into account the landscape design of our cities, as health benefits can also arise out of this careful planning. 

For example, if a particular suburb has a problem with obesity, then allowing for landscape designs to include spaces and areas for more physical activity, as well as being visually appealing, is crucial. 

Cycling paths

With more congestion on our roads and more people understanding that physical exercise is crucial to their health, cycling on a daily basis has become a lot more common. Therefore, there is a trend that looks at designing of cycling paths including ways to make it easier for both drivers, pedestrians and cyclists, ways to integrate routes to make it also visually appealing for the suburb, as well safety factors.